Providing 3D technology solutions for the medical sector


3D Printing for Research & Education


Using 3D technologies for Humanitarian projects

3D printed heart

Medical Solutions

3D LifePrints operates in hubs at key UK hospitals from where we partner with clinicians, healthcare providers and academics to identify new applications of 3D technologies to better assist clinical care, further a variety of research projects and look to reduce operational costs.

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3D printed ankle with complex fracture

Research & Educational Solutions

3D LifePrints works with a range of academic and research institutions providing 3D technologies services with a wide variety of educational products, often on long term research projects.

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3D printed prosthetic

Humanitarian Solutions

As part of their humanitarian efforts, 3D LifePrints has developed a low cost, highly realistic functional 3D printed upper body prosthetic known as the LifeArm for people in developing nations. 3D LifePrints provide innovative ways using 3D technologies in improving mine risk education programs. 3D LifePrints’ partners with global NGOs and Corporations such as the United Nations and the Red Cross.

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